Triax connector conversion

Many camera systems are shipped from the manufacturer with Fischer type triax connectors. Most UK facilities and hire companies use Lemo 4m series connectors. if you need them changed in a hurry, please give me a call. I can supply all the parts needed and can modify camera channels on location wherever required.



CCA-5 Cables  CCA-5-50, CCA-5-100
To connect Sony RCPs and CCUs and HDCUs
if you need CCA type remote control cables, I can make them for you , any length up to 100m.
Extra flexible cable type now available.

CCA-7-50 Cables

These are the RCP cables for the DXC camera systems, and should include a 75 ohm video core for the built in monitor display on the RCP-D50.

Any length up to 50m.



Memory Sticks


Several Sony products store set up files on to standard memory sticks (the ones that look like a stick of chewing gum). Memory stick pro, or standard memory sticks with a capacity of greater than 128MB are not recognised. I have some of those hard to find memory sticks for sale at £12 each.


VISCA Cables

To connect Sony BRC type pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras to control panels


Comms breakout cables


Intercom breakout cable. Sony CCU 25 pin 'D' breakout cable to Talkback, Tally, and program audio XLR connectors.

Suitable for all Sony CCU and HDCU models using 25 way 'D' connector.


£120 each


Pixel Correction




Most image sensors will fall prey to the odd dead pixel during their lifetime. many of you will be familiar with landing at an airport on the other side of the world, and finding a couple of white dots twinkling at you in the viewfinder.


Your first line of defence on many cameras is to perform an auto black balance. This will engage the auto concealment system, and repeated black balances once the camera is warmed up may solve the problem for you.

If not...I may be able to help. There are further levels of correction hidden in the camera.


Often, it works, sometimes there’s nothing further that can be done locally, and it’s back to the factory.

Worth a try though....


Here are some of the cameras that can often be corrected:






HDC and HXC systems cameras

Some Panasonic 2/3” camcorders


Precision alignment equipment in our state of the art workshop.

Viewfinder Adapter

An adapter that allows 7” CRT viewfinders such as the HDVF-700 to be mounted on and powered from an HDC-1500 type camera.  Call or e-mail for price and lead times.



The mount allows for rotation of the viewfinder, plus the normal tilt and height adjustment.

It will also work with the new HDVF-EL100 OLED viewfinder. This organic LED screen also normally requires a camera cradle, but if you need to keep things compact and lightweight you can use this viewfinder adapter instead.



Call or e-mail for further details.

Many camera operators still prefer to use a 7” CRT viewfinder, which although it’s still monochrome, has no lag. This can be a critical factor particularly when focusing on a fast moving cricket or golf ball.

The HDVF-700 viewfinder normally requires an HDLA type camera cradle to physically support the weight of the CRT, and to supply enough power. In order to bypass the need for a camera cradle, this adapter has been designed, and has been in use with several OB companies for over a year now.

This adapter consists of a mechanical mount so that you can securely attach the viewfinder directly to the camera, plus an electrical adapter to combine available power sources from the camera and run the viewfinder without the need for an external power source.


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